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  • What do I need to shop at The Chronic Boutique?
    You'll need a Colorado state ID as well as a medical card from a verified doctor. We'll also have a short Patient Agreement Form, required by Colorado MED.
  • Can I buy everything I see on your page?
    Inventory can vary from moment to moment, and by dispansary! The best thing to do is call any of our three stores and place a call ahead order or go online and do the same thing, Our goal is always to be there for our patients!
  • What're your member sign-up perks?
    Ask your budtender
  • Why The Chronic Boutique? What makes you guys so special?
    We like to think we serve every patient with the individual attention they deserve to make sure that each patient receives the medicine that they need for his/her own endocannabanoid system. We also take that same pride into the care and growth of our plants. Our owner is a grower first, so you'll notice an individual terpene profile on each strain. Ever feel like your bud smells the same and it doesn't seem to matter what strain you get they all just kinda do the same thing? At Chronic you'll find the terpene profile can really help you change the way you use your medicine.
  • Is there any limit to what I can purchase?
    Unless you have an EPC (Extended Plant Count) from your doctor, you'll only be allowed to purchase up to 2 ounces of cannabis per day.
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