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Bamboo Leaves


Loyalty Points

Members receive 250 loyalty points every month to use on any purchase. (Value: $5) 


All members are eligible for a $01 eighth or gram of silver shelf concentrate during their birthday month. Come in and let us celebrate you! 

Monthly Special

Members can purchase an eighth of flower or a gram of TCB concentrate for $5 every month. It's a great way to use those loyalty points!

Weekly Drawing

Every Sunday, each dispensary holds a random drawing and selects one member to win either a $01 eighth or gram of silver shelf concentrate. 

Member Punch Cards

Member punch cards are available at every dispensary location. Any time you shop and spend at least $30, your card gets a punch. Completed member cards are worth 20%  off your total purchase.

VIP Service

We appreciate the members that make up our VIP family. We strive to carry the products you want most and offer the best service around. You have a choice of dispensaries for your medical needs and we appreciate you choosing the Chronic Boutique as your home store!

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.


Thanks for your interest in membership at The Chronic Boutique!
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